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Which Haupt was warmly congratulated by President Theodore Roosevelt on Aug. 20, 1908?

It was Harry Sterling Houpt for his part in the winning of the great New York to Paris automobile race.

The winning car was a Thomas Flyer. The drivers were Montague Roberts (started) and George N. Schuster (finished) with George Miller as a mechanic. The fourth person was a New York Times reporter the traveled with them.

Harry S. Houpt was the agent and promoter for the Thomas cars in New York City. The Thomas Flyer was built by the E. R. Thomas Motor Company of Buffalo, NY. It was the first time an automobile traveled all the way across the US. Cars were entered into the race by Germany, France, Italy and the US.

The path took the racers through Alaska and across the frozen straits and through Russia and into Europe. The race was won in 169 days - 26 days ahead of the German entry.

Harry S. Houpt is a descendant of the Johannes Haupt Jr. (b. abt. 1741) line of Northampton, Co., PA through his son Heinrich Haupt of Lehigh Co., PA through his son Philip Houpt (b. 1796) of Luzerne Co. PA. Harry's parents were Missouri B. Houpt (b. 1839) and Sallie (Garringer) Houpt. Harry S. Houpt would later be involved in home construction and real estate in the Pelham, NY area. Harry S. Houpt was born in 1867 and died in 1925.

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