Houpt Genealogy and Family History

He was One of the Pioneer Auto Dealers of This City

Harry Sterling Houpt died at his home in Pelham on Thursday at the age of 58. For nearly twenty-five years he was one of the best-known motor car dealers in the New York territory. Ill-health caused his retirement a year ago from the Hudson Motor Car Company of New York, of which he had been President since its organization in 1915.

Previously Mr. Houpt had been Vice President of the American Locomotive Company when it was building the Alco car. He also had been agent in this city for the Mitchell, Lozier and Thomas cars in the infancy of the motor industry.

Mr. Houpt left a wife, Eleanor G. Houpt.

The New York Times - November 14, 1925

Houpt's $219,622 Estate to Widow

Harry Sterling Houpt, pioneer dealer in motor cars, for many years New York distributer of the Hudson automobile and later a builder and real estate operator in Westchester County, left an estate appraised yesterday at $343,463 gross and $219,622 net.

In addition he had $100,000 in life insurance, which with the net estate was left to his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Houpt, of Pelham Manor. Mr. Houpt gave his residence in Pelham to his wife on June 4, 1925, when it had just been completed. He died Nov. 12 of that year.

The New York Times - May 25, 1927

Estates - Westchester

HOUPT, HARRY S. (Nov. 12, 1925). Gross assets, $363,463; net $219,622. To Eleanor G. Houpt, widow, executrix.

The New York Times - May 25, 1927