Houpt Genealogy and Family History

Edgar P. Houpt '26

WE RECORD with regret the death of Ned Houpt Nov. 16, 1990, of pneumonia, in Southampton, Long Island, Hospital. Ned was a quiet member of '26 who loved N.Y., where he was born and lived during his active life and where he had a wide circle of friends. After graduation he attended the Wharton school and then entered banking and was with Manufacturers Hanover until he retired in 1967 as a senior V.P.

Fishing was Ned's great interest. He built a summer place in Montauk and made his home there when he retired. Until his last illness he was a surfcaster and could be seen at any time of day casting a line. He was fond of people and, combining this with fishing, Ned taught and brought love of the sport to many friends and their children. When he died, Ned was the oldest member of the Anglers' Club of N.Y.

In WWII Ned volunteered and was in the Air Force. He never married and was one of the few bachelors 'in the Class. Ned is survived by two nieces, Jacqueline Bunn Gwynne and Elsie R. Bunn, to whom our sympathy is extended. We will miss this interesting and loyal member of the Class.

The Class of 1926

Princeton Alumni Weekly - March 6, 1991